About Jon Williams

Jon Williams - The Soil Expert
With 35 years experience in the agricultural industry I launched my own consultancy business in January 2011. The sole aim of the venture is to help farmers reduce their dependancy on bought in fertilizer particularly nitrogen. This leads to immediate reduction in costs.

The aim is to help farmers make use of the biggest asset, which is the soil on their farm. The approach is to use the sciences of chemistry, biology and physics to bring about an improvement in the living eco system ‘The Soil’.

Healthy soil means healthy crops, healthy animals and healthy people. Detailed soil analysis is an essential tool for starting this process. Adding value and making best use of slurry and dung is the key to bring about a more rapid change in soil condition.

Food buyers are showing an increasing interest in the carbon footprint of their suppliers. We believe that we offer a useful tool to assist farmers in working towards lowering their environmental impact and increasing their profitablility.

In times of extreme market volatility investing in your soils will help to build business resilience and ensure a  profitable future for your farming activity.

Farmers using Plocher to treat their slurry are cutting their fertiliser use for example three cuts of silage with only 110 units of N per acre.

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