Pentremawr Reseed April 2012

Pentremawr Reseed April 2012

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Ploughed to only 4 inches depth to retain worm cast structure and valuable nutrients in the top layer, reducing cultivation passes as the tilth is easier to prepare for the new seeds.

PentremawrreseedApril2012008-2Contractor Richard Lewis of Whitemill Carmarthen with one of this team of five John Deere tractors creating a suitable tilth for reseeding after only 2 passes. Farmer Rhodri was very pleased to be saving on fuel costs and creating a firmer seedbed and retaining more moisture as the ploughing depth was only 4 inches.


Showing a crumbly open structured soil with lots of root mass made up largely of worm casts as the field had not been ploughed for 25 years which means at least 2.5 inches of worm cast in the top.Ploughing at a greater depth would bury this fertility built up over the years.

… Jon Williams




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