Resources for Biological Farming















The Soil Association

Dairy Co

Planet4Farmers – a free nutrient plan for farmers

ADAS – working towards a more sustainable farming future

Laverstoke Park Farm – An organic biodynamic 2000 acre farm with a soil food web lab owned by Jodi Shecter, ex formula 1 motor racing driver and a passionate farmer.

Alan Evans Photography – A magazine for sustainable biological agriculture with some of the top people in the world contributing such as Dr Elaine Ingham, a specialist of 36 years studying the bugs and fungi in the soil.

Biodynamic Association

Community Forest Farm based in Abergavenny

Wrap – Earth care for plastic waste and supplies of compost

Precision Nutrition – An Irish company specialising in biological farming methods

Soil Food Web – For soil biology and soil microbial analysis, bugs and fungi

iFoam – The international federation of organic farming

Aber Pro Soil – A Welsh Assembly scheme to make Welsh agriculture more sustainable

Environment Agency

PLOCHER Website English

Regenerative Agriculture For sustainable farming practice.