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Soil & Slurry Solutions

Jon Williams, the soil expert has spent some 35 years in the agricultural supply industry, mostly with A.C.T. Ltd a nationwide co-operative, I decided to set-up in my own business some three years ago. The main driver for this was to help farmers reduce soil damage and their fertiliser use particularly nitrogen.

The approach is very much soil based science using all the specialities of chemistry, physics and biology as the soil is a living organism which has largely been ignored or taken for granted for years. This involves details soil analysis using the Albrecht Method. In fact, ever since the end of the second world war only one avenue has been pursued with the increasing use of chemical fertilisers and sprays. This method of farming is out of balance with nature and is proving to be unsustainable.

Alongside the improvement in soil structure, the improvement in soil activity is further enhanced by the amendment of slurry and manure using “Plocher” products which changes the flora of slurry and manure to be more soil friendly thus enhancing the biological activity of the soil.

I offer a package of Whole Farm Improvement by increasing farmers awareness of the soil and what it can contribute to overall farm future profitability. The farm is set-up for a more sustainable way forward.

For a planned approach to improving farm management, contact Jon Williams on 07831 317 548.


Soil Analysis

soil analysis report
If you have lack of productivity on the farm then a detailed soil analysis is the best place to start. This is a key management tool to overall improvement in farm productivity leading to a more profitable business. It provides you with a plan to improve the soil and the farm.

For a detailed soil analysis, contact Jon Williams on 07831 317 548.