Soil Products

Jon Williams, The Soil Expert is one the UKs distributors for Plocher Slurry products

Carrier Material: Calcium carbonate
Unit: 10 kg


  • The condition of the slurry is transformed from anaerobic to aerobic (from rotting to composting), improved stable climate, less flies
  • Sanitizing, reduction of bacteria
  • Homogenizes the slurry, unobtrusive odor
  • Gradual reduction of crusts and sediments
  • Does not scorch plants
  • Nutrients remain in the root zone available for the plants
  • Build-up of humus in the soil
  • No water pollution
  • Effectiveness is confirmed by a 3 year „EU Project Pig Slurry”


Initial application: 1.5 kg/1,5 l per 100 m3 of existing slurry. Mix with ample water and apply to liquid part of the slurry. Regular application in the stable: weekly 5 g per 500 kg/LU.

Detailed Application:

Drains without crust: mix plocher slurry with ample water in a watering can and stir well. Distribute evenly in drain. For best results, add 2/3 of the treatment at the beginning of the drain.

Drains with crust: make two holes per m² in the crust and pour the well stirred mixture of generous amounts of water and plocher slurry into the liquid part of the slurry.

Tank/pit: start the agitator and pour in the stirred mixture of water and plocher slurry. If no agitator is available, pierce the crust with the vacuum hose of the slurry spreader and pour the mixture in this hose. Immediately after, pump the slurry into the slurry spreader and then back into the tank. For large tanks/pits repeat this at several places.

Collection channels: mix plocher slurry in a watering can with ample water and pour – using a quantity of product corresponding to its volume when full – evenly over the empty drain. Repeat after each draining.

Please Note!

Observation is important! The effect of plocher slurry is easily recognized by an increase of bubble activity in the slurry. Contamination with disinfectants or medicine (e.g. antibiotics) may postpone the effect as the product works by stimulating beneficial microorganisms.

Apply plocher slurry on bedding in stables with scrapers and slatted floors.

PLOCHER treated slurry/manure does not burn plants.


To purchase Plocher products, contact Jon Williams on 07831 317 548 or email The Soil Expert.